KECOH: Anak MB Terengganu gelar #RakyatSampah #RakyatKorup

Anak perempuan Menteri Besar Terengganu Dr Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar tiba-tiba menjadi topik perbualan netizen sejak semalam.

Ini berikutan daripada komen dan luahan Ami yang menyalahkan rakyat apabila rakyat mula kecewa dengan prestasi kerajaan Perikatan Nasional lalu melabel kerajaan hari ini sebagai #KerajaanGagal.

Anak perempuan Ahmad Samsuri yang menggunakan nama Ami Samsuri di media sosial dilihat tidak dapat menahan perasaannya sehingga mula melabel dan menghina rakyat sebagai rakyat sampah dan rakyat korup.

Ami Samsuri mula mengungkit dan mendedahkan guru-guru di sekolah yang selalu meminta sumbangan wang untuk sekolah daripada ayahnya dengan memberi kiasan menjadikan bapanya sebagai mesin ATM.

Ami juga mengungkit dan mendedahkan rakyat kerap meminta wang untuk biasiswa anak-anak orang tertentu selain ramai juga yang datang minta projek dari ayahnya dengan cara menganggu mereka anak-beranak.

Ami turut mendedahkan ramai individu mula memasukkan mereka ke dalam group whatsapp kerana mungkin dengan cara itu mereka mampu mendapatkan dana rahsia dari Menteri Besar Terengganu.

Ami mendedahkan ramai orang datang ke rumahnya untuk meminta wang menjadikan persekitaran di kawasan rumahnya menjadi tidak selamat.

Anak Menteri Besar Terengganu itu juga mendesak rakyat agar lebih baik diam dari asyik mengkritik kerajaan.

Tulisan penuh Ami yang mencetuskan kegusaran awam itu boleh di baca di bawah:

I'm PISSED OFF. And it's been awhile since I dared to be pissed off about anything at all. And for so long, I felt muffled and too terrified to say anything about anything of importance. It's been a few years since I've been active on Facebook. I've been avoiding the news too.

I remember when my dad first got elected (or masuk office or whatever it is it's called, I dont know these things), there were some people who through my siblings, or family, who advised me to monitor what I said because I was now the daughter of a politician. Anything I said could be 'an issue' and frankly, me and my anxious butt were scared shitless. Like, I probably can't even say 'shit' LOL.

It worked man. Between staying quiet online to not cause a ruckus (and jaga nama baik parents) and juggling work at home with a baby/toddler, I slowly convinced myself that my brain was rotting away in my head because I didn't talk about anything anymore other than to report what my child did at home, and listen to my husband talk about office politics. It was as if I had no opinion, as if I was too scared to have an opinion, because I was now the daughter of a politician and therefore, too privileged to have an opinion of anything at all without it being 'not relatable'. And for so long I beat myself up for being privileged, not having the guts to say anything because maybe I would be considered 'tone-deaf'.

But honestly, I feel now that I HUGELY disrespected myself. I put a sock in it to avoid friction, because I felt unworthy of an opinion, because people think that just because you're privileged, you haven't suffered enough to be mad about anything.

But here I am, pissed as hell. I've had it. I'VE FREAKING HAD IT. If my mum's lack of huge gaudy jewellery and a Starbucks cup on my dad's hospital bed table can become an issue, to hell if I'm going to stay quiet just so the stupid ones in the crowd don't get a seizure.

There's this whole thing going around and it seems like a fun thing, yay hooray yippee let's all use the #KerajaanSampah #KerajaanGagal hashtag. It's like ajinomoto at this point, it adds abit of OOMPH to anything you post. It's triggering as hell. It reminds you how unforgiving rakyat can be. Well you know what? #RakyatSampah. And you can argue "weh, not all rakyat mcm tu lahh", well it's the same for kerajaan so might as well use it jugak. These people acting so high and mighty and noble and have this "I'm never thankful for anything but criticise everything using bombastic words because I'm so intelligent" and "My 5 star rating is expensive" attitude are freaking annoying.

You can say I'm biased because I am, we all are because we all view the world through our own eyes. As cliche as it sounds, and ya ya ya I know no one wants to hear a privileged person complain, but you have NO IDEA what politicians go through. Try and imagine it, then x1000 and that's just the tip of the iceberg. In the few years my dad has worked in the government, the same way people say they've lost faith in the government, I have lost faith in rakyat. The amount of harassment my younger siblings who are in school get from TEACHERS who constantly DEMAND funds and treat my father like their personal ATM, and punch the ATM because it only let out RM1. And then making my sisters' life difficult because she refused to bother my father to intercept, ask for a scholarship for so-and-so's child. The amount of people trying to 'skip the queue' in permohonan projek by harassing us, the daughters and sons. The amount of people adding us to organisations and groups because they think by including us, we can get secret funding LOL. And the amount of people who come to the house and make us feel unsafe. The amount of people demanding money because they think they deserve it. The amount of disrespect people have that we can't be hospitalised without people harassing us in our rooms constantly asking us when the MB is going to come (even when we're in pain and crying), and to tell him to go visit them. HEY, tak ada common sense ke? The amount of backstabbing friends and colleagues. The amount of people tiba-tiba baik dengan you and say stuff like "we've always been like family" padahal years ago that person tried to falsely accuse you of stealing. It's DISGUSTING. The sheer amount of CRAP rakyat has brought to the table (and this is only some of what I've seen happen related to my family) is disgusting.

People like talking about #KerajaanSampah #KerajaanGagal because yes, they are a small number comparatively, with more power, and it's so easy to blame them on everything but it's annoying how everyone seems to severely downplay the role of rakyat. Hey, ingat senang ke nak jadi MB tak korup bila rakyat korup asik datang rumah and asik buat issue bila tak nak ikut cara korup dyeorg?

Yes, kerajaan Malaysia, like all kerajaan in the world, are not perfect (dahlah berapa ribu parti ada, asik tukar2 orang dalam government I honestly can't keep up lol). Yes, they make mistakes. Yes, I've seen it firsthand and yes, it's freaking ANNOYING. I get annoyed at my father too sometimes because I'M ARROGANT. It's frustrating and after things spill over, we say "it would have happened if they had done so-and-so" but it's so easy to criticise. SO SO EASY. We don't know. We don't see all the doors. We don't see all the strings attached to all the traps. Sometimes (actually alot of the time), they need to let us tersepit jari in a trap, if it means escaping a bear trap that would chop our feet off. Kalau kerajaan keeps on following kehendak rakyat, trying to make us happy, using ONLY methods that make US happy, our country would burn to the ground. Arrogantnya rakyat, rasa tau semua benda.

Malaysians like to talk about how we're so unified and TOGETHER. Well somehow, no one wants to ajak government into the geng. Somehow bila government buat silap, we should all gang-up and be against the government. HELLO, bomb them, the ship goes down and we're on it too.

Think of it like parenting. Parents make mistakes, but you're still family. You're still stuck together. People are pissed off about Pilihanraya Sabah, sampai harini *facepalm*. Yes, it was a mistake. Yes, they shouldn't have gone. Yes, everyone is pissed. But girl, the ship is halfway across the world and you're still talking about that. SHUT UP. Why is everyone talking as if that one event doomed us forever? What happens when parents make mistakes? We work through it and make efforts and move on. Don't act as if that mistake is going to guarantee you'll never have a happy family because 'once a shit parent, forever a shit parent, I'll never forgive you'. Don't act as if between Pilihanraya Sabah and now, the government didnt provide MULTIPLE chances for us, rakyat to help Malaysia too. What did we do? We threw a tantrum because we're #RakyatSampah. Covid could have ended long ago. It wasn't JUST Pilihanraya Sabah. It was us too. Stop blaming it all on the government. Kita pun bukan dengar kata sangat. Buat sakit kepala mak bapak je.

In a nutshell, shut up and just stay at home. Kalau bosan, pergi potong bawang kat dapur. Sibuk je cari salah semua benda. #KerajaanGagal konon. Kita ni penanda kertas exam ke? Ada skema jawapan? Macam lalat kacau kerja orang je.

- changed to ‘friends only’ because honestly I didnt post it to debate anything and I’m too tired for that. Definitely feeling a lot of ‘love’ today.

update 2: Well that went out the window didnt it – Ami Samsuri / Cinca


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